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After viewing Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk on “hackschooling” and Bud Hunt’s blog post “Centering on Essential Lenses” I think I want hack my life. For the most part (if not all), LaPlante and Hunt were steering away from what has become the conventional thought of the word “hack”. Actually the word hack was originally “a fiddle that improved a process or a program” (Hunt 2012). Once I was convinced on how hacking could actually be something positive, I realized just how true the statement “work smarter not harder” is.

I think the best idea that Logan LaPlante had in his TED Talk was about simply being happy. LaPlante said “if you ask a little kid, sometimes you’ll get the best answer; something so simple, so obvious, and really profound: When I grow up, I wanna be happy”. Throughout his TED Talk, Logan made being happy, the goal. He used it to influence his learning procedures, and because he was happy with his learning, he believed it to be most effective for him. Even though most people saw his education as radical, it was proving to make him more innovative. Logan started having ideas about a future that he believed was going to make him happy, like owning his own business, because he could sell or make things that he loves or is passionate about. He was “hacking” his way through life and I think this is what Sir Ken Robinson was getting at in his TED Talk: Schools Kill Creativity, which was referenced in LaPlante’s speech.

In the same manner, I think Bud Hunt was also reflecting this ideology. In his blog, he says “maybe the best sort of way to spend your time as a learner is through making, or hacking, or playing” (Hunt 2012). There is lots of room for innovation and differentiation within these three words. Hunt never gives us an in depth way on how we might apply these three words into our classrooms or our lives, but what he did do was tell us what making, hacking, and playing can do for a person life.

If there is anything that these two sources have left me with, it is that I might want to make sure that I allow more room for creativity in my future classrooms. LaPlante’s TED Talk and Hunt’s Blog have reinforced my teaching philosophy that there is no one right way to success for everyone. We must all go down our own paths to happiness.

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5 thoughts on “Viewing/Reading Response

  1. I really enjoy how you mentioned that there is a lot of room for innovation and differentiation within making, hacking, or playing. I completely agree, for example, playing can be differentiated and expanded upon for any child no matter their age, developmental level, and more. Also, I think it is great that you took away from both sources that it is important to add more creativity into your future classroom. Creativity within a classroom can really allow you to connect to your students which then allows them to learn better through interest centered lessons.


  2. HI! I really enjoyed reading you blog post. It’s great to be able to see everyone else’s point of view on certain things like articles and videos. I think both the article and the video really stood out to me. I enjoyed reading them and watching them. Thank you for sharing. Which one was your favorite?


    1. Hi Shayna, I would say that the TED TALK was probably the most influential thing for me this week. I do well with the visual things, so maybe thats why. Nonetheless, I would say that a fair, if not all, of the students really enjoyed the video like I did.


  3. Eli, you give really good insights here in this post! I would have to agree that LaPlante’s vision of “hacking” things in our life for the better is very inspirational and I think I will be trying to implement his tools not only in my future classroom but my everyday life! As far as the blog post from Hunt, I do think it is important to have our future students know that creativity is advocated and needed for effective learning.


    1. Alexis, I actually thought the same thing! Though LaPlante was just a young child, there are things that he was 100% right on about life (at least i thought), and so I chose to kind of abide by some of the very simple things he was telling us about being happy. I want to be happy every day.


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